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"Humain" is a project purely inspired by the philosophy of Hermès, and it aims to create a stronger connection between its products and its philosophy. Hermes has a strong human component on its philosophy, but most of their patterns do not reflect this human side: they are too geometrical and precise. In particular, a tie should reflect the personality of a person and a person is in fact not perfect. A person is guided by feelings and emotions and a person is loved for the little imperfections that he or she has. So, why don't apply this philosophy even to the patterns of their products? Geometric and precise patterns tell nothing about the human side, they carry no emotions and do not reflect the personal philosophy of Hermes. I wanted to communicate this human side of Hermes by re-designing their patterns by hand. A more human approach that is guided by feelings, by little imperfections and that is full of personality...simply "humain".
Humain - tie pattern for Hermès

Humain - tie pattern for Hermès

Humain - tie pattern for Hermès
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